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       •  Descent from the space-to-ground tapes - 0:00
       •  The Eagle Has Landed - 1:24
       •  Armstrong describes the Moon surface - 2:07
    The Moon Landing - "The Eagle Has Landed"
    Apollo 11 Moon Landing
    July 20, 1969
    Running Time: 3:36


    Eagle: ...3 1/2 down, 9 forward, 5 percent, (in-audible)

    75 feet, things looking good, down a half, 6 forward

    60 seconds, lights on, down 2 1/2, forward, forward,

    30 feet down, 2 1/2, kicking up some dust

    30 feet, 2 1/2 down, faint shadow . . .

    4 forward . . . 4 forward . . . drifting to right a little . . . O.K. . . .

    down a 1/2 . . 30 seconds, forward
    no back light?, O.K., engine stop . . . descent engine command override off . . .

    Houston: We copy you down, Eagle.

    Announcer: You have just heard man land on the moon .. landed on the moon, (in-audible).

    Eagle: Tranquility base here .. The Eagle Has Landed..

    Houston: Rodger .. we copy you on the ground .. we got a bunch of guys about to turn blue we are breathing again, thanks a lot, (in-audible).

    Tranquility Base:Thank you, (in-audible).

    Houston: You are looking good here, ... looking good. We are going to be busy for a minute.

    Announcer: You have been listening to the tape recording of the actual landing at 4:17, two American astronauts on the moon, now lets go to NBC radio and continuing live coverage of the events as they are unfolding.

    Tranquility Base: window there is a relatively level plane seeded with, clearly large number of craters of up to 5 to 50 foot variety and some ridges small 20 to 30 foot high I would guess and literally thousands of little rocks, 1 - 2 foot craters around the area.

    We see some angular blocks of several hundred feet in front of us that have possibly two feet in size and have angular edges the hill in view just about on the sound track ahead of us difficult to estimate but might be half a mile or a mile.

    Houston: Rodger tranquility we copy - over

    Sounds like it looks a lot better than it did yesterday at that very low sun angle... it looked rough as a cob then.

    It really was, like uh over the targeted landing area it was cleanly rock cratered and large numbers of rocks that were probably some.

    ...Fade out
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